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A College Tells Its Story: An Oral History of Florida Community College of Jacksonville 1963 to 1991.

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Title: A College Tells Its Story: An Oral History of Florida Community College of Jacksonville 1963 to 1991.
Name(s): Robert B. Gentry, Editor
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Book
Publisher: Florida Junior College
Place of Publication: Jacksonville, FL
Physical Form: text
950 pages
Table of Contents: Part One: Beginning -- Fred H. Kent, Sr. (Bringing a junior college here was like taking an illegitimate child to a wedding reception) -- Frederick H. Schultz (FCCJ's the only community college created in this state without formal notice of support from the school board) -- Ish W. Brant (The state wouldn't give us enough money to start a college here) -- Martinez Baker (I said, "Franz (Lindberg), give the College space to build a campus. You get a tax write-off'') -- Donald T. Martin (Our biggest challenge was finding the right people to lead and manage the College) -- J. Bruce Wilson (FJC was the first public educational institution in Duval or Nassau County to exist on an integrated basis) -- Terry O'Banion (Very soon after Joe (Fordyce) accepted the FJC job (presidency), he resigned) -- Fred and Juanita Smith (My Kent campus office is right above where our honeymoon house stood (Fred)) -- John A. Haynes (There was sort of the typical struggle between a new college and a conservative area) -- Adrien P. Beaudoin (Dr. Wilson wanted desperately for the college to succeed) -- Granville P. Diffie (You couldn't be all that democratic when starting a college) -- Ralph E. Russell (I did my best to keep the odors of fresh vegetables and fried meat out of rest of the library) -- Patricia M. Barrett (Library receiving was once in an old casket company where the rodents outnumbered the books) -- Harriette Y. Dodson (The first year Cumberland Campus was like the lost colony) -- Dianne N. Bladel (In this "bull pen'' we really did collaborate) -- Reginald F. Touchton, Sr. (One day I kicked off my shoes while teaching. It was so comfortable I do it all the time now) -- Herman Elson (Those old shacks became half of the College) -- Kenneth L. Norton (New learning interferes with old learning) -- Jack E. Surrency (The Bible seems to indicate that teachers are going to be held a little more accountable) -- Patricia G. Parker (My professors made me feel valued) -- Part Two: Emerging -- Ethel L. (Pat) Jenkins (The Experimental College was the grandfather of our current honors program) -- William J. Wolson (Most teachers subject to the draft expected to receive an occupational deferment) -- Robert A. Kennedy (The pressure to inflate grades has come from all sides of our society except the faculty) -- L. Arlene Flannagan (My first day at work, all four of them started serenading me) -- Dessie (Buddy) Johnson, Jr. and Margaret T. Griffin (We've heard all the four-letter words, too. (Margaret)) -- Williams. Martin (The student took the podium and began reading a condemnation of the president and staff) -- Mildred s. Barnert (I decided to protest. I slept in the office!) -- Douglas W. Kerley (I remember the closeness of faculty and the feeling of closeness with students) -- Rae Shelley Drew (Quality at FJC was being undermined by too much emphasis on quantity) -- Thomas E. Barton, Jr. (We assisted with a plan that could bring new companies into the Jacksonville area) -- Lawton R. Green ((In the late 60's) the rate of (student) absenteeism was less than in recent years) -- Robert M. Sanford (I had gotten the word that we were going to be under surveillance) -- John W. Lewis, III (FJC instilled in me a fighting, can-do spirit) -- Brenda R. Simmons (Black studies are for all people) -- Edgar C. Napier (We were told to get ''intimate'' with the faculty) -- Edna L. Saffy (I don't dance on the table I eat off of) -- Jackson L. Spears (If he hadn't hid the million dollars, we might have been in an embarrassing situation) -- Marilyn G. DeSimone (The cast looked up into the girders contents during the "bird'' scene to find a dead chicken swinging above them) -- Willie F. Carter (Work's in my blood. I'm a workaholic) -- E. John Saare (Vocational and adult non-credit programs are equal in importance to the academic programs) -- William Scott, Jr. (ABE was able to grow so fast because we had a lot of government money) -- Lois D. Gibson (On an annual basis the FCCJ Health Services Program serves about 450 students) -- Jonah C. Eng (In 1968 FJC had an IBM Data Processing System with 16,000 memory positions) -- Teresita B. Harr (He (the student) said, "Anything is better than Vietnam!'') -- Elizabeth B. Griffey (We were all ripe for parties in those days) -- Sharon S. Cleland (That time at the San Diego campus was a delightful, innocent period) -- Claude (Jay) Smith (When English 105 was in, I felt we were teaching garbage) -- Mary B. Mizell (My first office was located in what had been a bathroom) -- Part Three: Growing I -- Benjamin R. Wygal (My number one goal was to provide access to individuals so that they could pursue educational opportunity) -- Harry Edward Fleming (I was determined not to be a rubber stamp) -- Fred C. Jackson, Jr. (The lesson I learned then was that you don't stonewall the press) -- Oliver R. Finch (In the North campus parking lot there used to be a lover's lane) -- William David Burrows (The microcomputer is perhaps the most important innovation in the history of education) -- Stephen R. Wise (The College has received more than $60 million in federal, state, and private grants) -- Carroll R. Stegall (One thrilling event happened while we were in the "termite palaces") -- Charles G. Douglass (We just flooded our supervisors with paper) -- Linda Grant Barrs (We placed 96 percent of our completing Job corps students in food service jobs) -- James M. Cleland (The (College) self study's like an inspection) -- Daniel L. Schafer (There has been a mix in terms of preparation and ability of students corning to UNF from the junior colleges) -- Virginia M. Hendricks (We went all over teaching classes) -- Johnny w. Bruce (We brewed up a bunch of beer in the museum, and almost every bottle exploded) -- Ann H. Wright (Ted Canady was a fantastic mechanic-the old shade tree type) -- Robert L. Watson (The data processing and salary schedules we created in the 70's were considered a model) -- Helen S. Foy (One year this fellow got a two-cent raise) -- Ezekiel W. Bryant (FJC was the first community college in Florida to appoint a black person as provost of a campus) -- Richard E. Johnston (Offshore Power Systems made the greatest contribution toward shaping FCCJ's future) -- Joseph H. Sasser (He named the orchid after me: Oncidium Sasseri) -- Duane D. Dumbleton (I blew the socks off the search committee) -- Rosanne R. Hartwell (One major aim of the Women's Center has been to get women comfortable on a college campus) -- William Howard Denson (The only (FJC) faculty power then available (in the 70's) was the union) -- E. Guy Kerby (Ed Napier and I had ''a council of war'' about the VA problem) -- Paul O. McCoy (This sailor (in the brig) said, "Damn it! I'll get my diploma now!'') -- Donald E. Thompson (Our students hugged the Russian students and they hugged us) -- Rudolph Murray (You could argue that women make better welders than men) -- Kermit C. Miller (We came in over a million dollars under budget (building the new Kent Campus)) -- Bobbie L. Murray ((Our) plan for (the new Kent Campus) is so much like the finished campus) -- Janice L. Costley (It has been said if you work for certain employers (like FCCJ), you have it made) -- Jeffrey G. Oliver (Performance contracting is like McDonald's) -- Joan A. Hill (Everywhere a student goes on campus should be a learning opportunity) -- Harry V. Dellinger (I'd bargain (with the President's Cabinet) like one does at a flea market) -- Vivian N. Dellinger (There are many good things to come out of FACC) -- Mary sue Koeppel (Poetry from inside China comes hand-carried to Hong Kong and then mailed to us at Kalliope. Imagine!) -- Minh Lien Nguyen (To me life is just like water) -- Donald D. Zell (The best hope for solving many of the problems of this country is the community college) -- Tommy Hazouri (I felt the credibility of the College was at risk as a result of the negative reports that were in the paper on an almost daily basis) -- Lee G. Henderson (FJC was one of the greatest experiences of my life) -- Debbie K. Millard (The right ingredients in good students are those hidden talents) -- John R. Olson (Some academics have had an extremely sheltered life) -- Karen-Jean Munoz (The Foreign Language Program has been completely revised and modernized) -- Stanley H. Block (People enrolled in the boat building courses work on their own boats here (Geis Marine Center)) -- Frances W. Dize (A better acronym for FCCJ would be "ACTLA: A Chance to Live Again'') -- Joan Bearden and Thom Costa (One of (our) biggest fights was getting some release time for senators (Joan)) -- Patricia B. Hawkins (FCCJ was the only place for me: a mother, wife, and older woman) -- Elizabeth M. Cobb (In this society black males hurt the most) -- Benjamin Baker, Jr. (The Mentorship Program helped me find myself) -- William P. Cushing (Genuine controversy is something The Campus Voice has never shied away from) -- Part Four: Growing II -- Milton A. Russos (We're able to attract the top (Broadway) shows) -- Howard C. Roey (We try to make baseball fun) -- Larry H. Monts (I coach anybody. If you come out (for track), I'll coach you) -- Ben G. Edmonson (Business has too much say about what goes on at FCCJ and many other institutions) -- Julian Earl Farris (The South Campus Palm Garden exists on many different levels) -- Luther B. Christofoli (I think the campuses have personalities) -- Jon P. Cosby (FCCJ is like a conglomerate. We're a company of companies) -- Henry L. Moreland and Terry D. Hashey (Phi Theta Kappa does a number of fund-raising projects (for charity) (Terry)) -- Sheryl R. Williams (We were the first community college in the state to organize career employees into a unified group) -- Henry M. Gagliardi (We offer the community teeth cleaning, X-rays, flouride treatment, and (other services)) -- Patricia A. Ellis (I still have to pinch myself to think this (ESL Program) is real) -- James S. Norris (I wrote the book Advertising from the local point of view) -- Jeanne K. Jones (I feel protective of the president) -- Dennis P. Gallon (I see CLAST as a snowball rolling down a hill) -- Carol S. Miner (The Open Campus is a college without walls that has non-traditional delivery systems) -- Leo R. Degoursey (I've learned sign language to communicate with them (printing students who are deaf)) -- Hortense W. Gray (We should all try to know students better) -- Albert (Charley) Diedrich (Nowadays if you don't have the paperwork, you don't do anything) -- Alexander Thomson (All these (vocational) programs are designed to train people to go out and earn a living) -- William L. Sheppard (The greatest need in law enforcement right now is the educated police officer) -- Christine M. Robinson (I make my teaching a dramatization) -- John H. Stuke (I have a very high placement rate (of students in vocational jobs)) -- Nancy Vine (I love everybody because I live for Jesus's love) -- Arthur (Buster) Harvey (We believe in pressure basketball) -- Betty P. Cook (Growth in Nassau County is going to mean more opportunities for FCCJ) -- Nathan O. Desue and Jon S. Atkins (In a crisis situation I watch a fellow's hands (Nate)) -- Jeanne and Morton Haas (The great thing about FCCJ is there are no barriers (Jeanne)) -- Leo E. Flynn (Increasing technology is making the firefighter a lifelong learner) -- Paula B. Miller (We serve all kinds of students with disabilities) -- Alton W. Yates (The College has to begin reaching out to minorities in the junior-high years) -- Deborah L. Starling (Every student should be required to take a computer literacy course) -- Nicholas G. Belloit (Males are more risk takers (in the Brain Bowl)) -- Feliche A. Mucciolo (We're educating more and more people about crime prevention) -- Arthur Y. Chiang (We can anticipate a fully computerized learning resources center in the very near future) -- Lyndal D. Worth (The same thing that makes a great male (basketball) player makes a great female player) -- Charles C. Spence (The president's job is to lead a process of change) -- Salvatore Aurigemma (I'm going to use everything I've learned) -- Clare C. Bailey (Our center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning awards mini-grants to faculty) -- H. Davis Collier (I really enjoy being a trustee) -- Richard S. Lynn (High average stress could explain why the male is falling behind) -- Julia V. Ostashchenko (Sometimes American students had distorted information about my country (Russia)) -- Martin A. Siegel (I was working on the idea of the FCCJ Urban Resource center before I was sentenced to it) -- Denise C. Doroba (Working on this history has been like taking a history, philosophy, humanities, and computer class all in one).
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