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19750529 Student Recital Program.

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Date Issued:
Title: 19750529 Student Recital Program.
Name(s): Karen Jossim, Clarinet
Peter Wright, Accompanist
Mary Morrow, Pianist
Chris Dickinson, Trombonist
William Saunders, Accompanist
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 1975-05-29
Date Issued: 1975-05-29
Table of Contents: Solo De Concours / Henri Rabaud -- Sonatina (Allegro non troppo, Larghetto, Allegro) / Antoni Szalowski, Miss Jossim and Mr. Wright -- Sonata Op .10, no. 1 (Allegro Molto e con Brio) / Beethoven-- Nocturne Op. 9, no. 2 in E flat major / Chopin-- Minstrels (Prelude No. 12, Book 1) / Debussy, Miss Morrow -- Sonatina (Moderate tempo, Fast, crisp) / John Boda -- Sonata # 3 (Largo, Allegro, Largo, Allegro) / Vivaldi -- Ballade / Eugene Bozza Mr. Dickinson and Mr. Saunders.
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