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Date Issued:
Title: Poster.
Name(s): Dee Riche, Director
David Mechoso, Director
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2007-07
Date Issued: 2007-07
Identifier: SummerShortsPoster (IID)
Note(s): FSCJ Faculty and staff can locate a video recording of this production by searching in Canvas Commons
Play ran July 6-14, 2007
The Root of Chaos by: Douglas Soderburg
Titanic by: Christopher Durang
The Root of Chaos Cast: Kevin Gilbert, Mary Cumpton, Chelsea Donovan, Cory Chance, and Zdravko.
Titanic Cast: Justin Reynolds, Kasi Walters, Kevin Gilbert, Mary Cumpton, Alex Palmer, David Farrington, Ashley Chlebus, Emily Hancock, Solomon Levine, and Zdravko Rozic.
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Host Institution: FSCJ

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