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Date Issued:
Title: Program.
Name(s): Tim Gilmore, Playwright
Ken McCulough, Director
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2017-04
Date Issued: 2017-04
Extent: 16 pages
Identifier: StalkingOttisTooleASouthernGothicProgram (IID)
Note(s): FSCJ Faculty and staff can locate a video recording of this production by searching in Canvas Commons
Play ran April 6-9, 2017
Cast: Cameron Skaff, Preston Pittman, Cross Blocker, Aimee Masci, Noah Bennett, Elizabeth Gerhardt, Tyler Hammond, Amber Robbins, Mary Schubert, Allie Christensen, Savannah Raney, Talise Zide, Trevor Schmidt, Meenan Williams, Carl Stokes, Julie Nolasco, Krysta Ocampo, Kyland Fowler, and Zachary McKinney
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Host Institution: FSCJ