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Date Issued:
Title: Program.
Name(s): Beth Harvey, Producer
Kristin Nicole Livingston, Artistic Director
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2010-07
Date Issued: 2010-07
Extent: 48 pages
Identifier: DreamcoatProgram (IID)
Note(s): FSCJ Faculty and staff can locate a video recording of this production by searching in Canvas Commons
The 5th Annual High School Summer Musical Theatre Experience (SMTE)
Play ran from July 30 - August 8, 2010
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Cast: Olivia Donalson, Emma Voss, Olivia Churnyshev, Andrea White, Amelia Strickland, Austen Weitzel, Alec Hadden, Douglas Chappelle, Alexander Zane Farabee, Michael Single, Willie Beaton III, Wil Bethmann, Jeremy Ritcher, Brandon Pack, Will Gruber, Joshua Matos, Joseph Sykes-Burns, Michael Mayo, Christopher Valade, Lisa Kidder, Christian Nyman, Bradley Betros, and Nick Sacks.
Wives Cast: Shala Brewer, Rachel Clarke, Amanda Gomer, Ilana Gould, Sarah Kitska, Sadie La Manna, Kenya Lipplett, Hannah Morgan, Lynde Schmidt, Morgan Wendland, and Hannah Winkler.
Lead Dancers: Alyssa Higginbotham, Lisa Kidder, Madi Mack, Mary Polidan, and Amanda Severson.
Ensemble Girls Cast: Christine Dorsey, Brooke Lynne Fontanez, Abbie Garcia, Cassi Goulet, Becky Haltiwanger, Cait May and Caroline Yazdiya.
Ensemble Boys/Ishmaelites Cast: Malachai Hardy, Michael Hardy, and Dylan Karpf.
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Host Institution: FSCJ