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Title: Poster.
Name(s): Beth Harvey, Program Director
Michael R. Lipp, Director
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2012-07
Date Issued: 2012-07
Identifier: PeterPanPoster (IID)
Note(s): FSCJ Faculty and staff can locate a video recording of this production by searching in Canvas Commons
Musical based on the play by James M. Barrie
Lyrics by Carole Leigh
Music by Mark Charlap
Additional music by Jule Styne
Additional lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green
Play ran July 27-28, 2012 and August 2-5, 2012
The 7th Annual High School Summer Musical Theatre Experience (SMTE)
Cast: Abbie Garcia, Joseph Sykes-Burns, Lexi Inks, Rachele Rees, Mario Alonso, Jon J.D. Rees, Essence Williams, Kyle Wait, Brittany Nievinski, Keith Smith, Jeffery D. Hunnicutt Jr., Isabella Martinez, and Hannah Reeves, Brett Belcher, Joya Burton, Paul Caldwell, Elizabeth Gerhardt, Kristen Grimes, Jeffery D. Hunnicutt Jr., Montana Jenkins, Kendall Messersmith, Asha Printup, Asiyah Rasheed, Hannah Reeves, Jennifer Santana, Bridget Shannon, Maggie Shannon, Kristen Shaw, Lariscy Walker, and Mallory Wintz, Madison Allison, Becky Haltiwanger, Christen Hancock, Jessie Hunnicutt, Joshua K.A. Johnson, Jackie Jones, Isabella Martinez, Fallin McClain, Lindsey Newbern, Sydney Norris, Joel Gardner Oliver, Andy Pruitt, Ian Ramos, Alexis Stuart, Jessie Thompson, Jasmine Walters, Ca’Maya Williams, Sara Cabell, Gray Houston, Savannah Le Blanc, Kenya Lipplett, Marcus Lizzmore, Brandon Mayes, Logan Mays, Hannah Aris Mendillo, Jonathan Oliver, Charles Palmer, Alex Rodriguez, Richard Rosado, Kyle Wait, Essence Williams, Kaitie Wilson, and Caroline Yazdiya
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