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Date Issued:
Title: Program.
Name(s): Beth Harvey, Managing Producer/Program Director
Dr. Milton Russos, Executive Producer
Kristin Livingston, Artistic Director
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2011-07
Date Issued: 2011-07
Extent: 40 pages
Identifier: HairsprayProgram (IID)
Note(s): The 6th Annual High School Summer Musical Theatre Experience (SMTE)
Play ran July 29-30, 2011 and August 5-7, 2011
Cast: Jane Cassingham, Alexander Zane Farabee, Shane Graham, Wil Bethmann, Olivia Donalson, Willie Clyde Beaton II, Charlotte Fisher, Lisa Kidder, Hannah Morgan, Stacy Schoonover, Andrea White, Brandon Mayes, Shala Brewer, Victoria Canady, Essence Williams, Joseph Bolling, Sarah DiGeorgio, Nichole M. Ignacio, Allison Lewis, Madi Mack, Troy Drake Mendoza, Kendall Messersmith, Kiernan O'Connor, Jacob Pickering, Mary Polidan, Tyler Ramirez, Jeremy Richer, Amanda Severson, Lariscy Walker, Luke Weidner, Joya Burton, David Emanuel, Aja Simone Gentry, Arthur James, Kenya Lipplett, Adrena McNeill, Michael J. Moody Jr., Kamari Saxon, McKenzie Sowell, Joseph Sykes-Burns, Jasmine Nicole Walters, Bradley Betros, Noah Duclos, Katie Sacks, Christian Nyman, Brandon Pack, Shelby Reed, and Cait May.
Ensemble: Claire Alford, Summer Brunelle, Lainey Edens, Taylor English, Mariessa Garrett, Karlie Gray, Enada Hakrama, Becky Haltiwanger, Bailey Harris, Sarah Michael Kistka, Lizzie May and Rachele Taylor Rees.
FSCJ Faculty and staff can locate a video recording of this production by searching in Canvas Commons
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