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Culinary Camaraderie

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Date Issued:
Title: Culinary Camaraderie: An FSCJ Learning Communities Project: A Story of Recipes and Friendship.
Type of Resource: still image
Date Created: 2017
Date Issued: 2017
Extent: 60 pages
Scope and content: Video highlighting cookbook:
Identifier: CulinaryCamaraderie (IID)
Note(s): A project supported by a 2015-2016 FSCJ Learning Community Mini-Grant & The Friends of Hemming Park and The Florida Times-Union
Concept by Professors Jennifer Chase and Ashli Archer
Recipes and stories by Alicia Elmore, Timothy J. McGowan, Rosa Mattei Jeannette German, Wyatt Pipkin, Christina Green Rachael Thoburn, Mai Tolymat, Jaclynne Parker Inna Kholodnya, Enna Omerovic, Brantin Perkins Nancy Leon, Evan Pingel, Michelle Imali Klea Qosja, Mitsu Rizo, Vuouchleng Nay Murat Ozyalcin, Richard Myerston, Ashli Archer Amy Derringer, Jennifer Chase Taylor Harris and Rawan Alfarah.
The Culinary Camaraderie Cookbook Project was originally supported by an FSCJ Learning Community Mini-Grant.
Cover Picture: Students Murat Ozyalcin & Michelle Imali.
Cover Art Design by Lauren Wheeler
Photography by Ryan Scarborough
Book Layout and Design by Jim Webb
This second edition was supported by a partnership with The Friends of Hemming Park and The Florida Times-Union.
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