How to Search the Digital Archives
There are several different ways to search FSCJ's Digital Archives:

  • Use the search box in the menu bar on the site. In the drop-down menu, you can search all collections or choose a specific one. Please note, this search engine does not search the full-text of digital content. We recommend using the search method listed below
  • Search via Advanced Search - click on Advanced Search in the menu bar. From there, you can choose which fields to search: full-text, publisher, author, subject, etc.

How to support the Digital Archives
Currently the best way to support the Digital Archive is to help us locate and collect historical material pertaining to the College. If you have items or documents that you think may be of historical value, please contact Jennifer Grey at

How to access the Press Clippings Collection
Because these documents are intended for use for research by FSCJ students, faculty, and staff they are only accessible from a computer with an FSCJ IP address. To see the collection, log in onsite at one of the campuses from either an FSCJ-owned computer or your personal computer using the College’s WiFi.

How to search the Press Clippings Collection and the Quality Enhancement Plans Collection
We are in the process of uploading individual press clippings dating back to 1964. As we are uploading these individual files, we have uploaded a combined PDF file for each year. To search this PDF file, first click on the main document file (title will be YEAR Press Clippings, i.e. 1970 Press Clippings). Next, use the Ctrl-F (or Command-F if using a Mac) shortcut on your keyboard to bring up the search bar. Ctrl-F is the shortcut in your browser or operating system that allows you to find words or phrases quickly. You simply hold down the control (or command) key and F at the same time, and a window pops up asking if there's a word or phrase you want to find. As the words of phrases you enter in the search bar are located in the document, the browser will display the result(s) with the words or phrases highlighted. If more than one result is found for the search, simply click on the down arrow in the search bar to go to the next result.

If you need a visual display of how to use the Control/Command-F function, view this one minute clip: Using Ctrl F to Search Efficiently

Faculty, Staff and Student Authors
If you are interested in accessing FSCJ's faculty, staff, and student's publications, this guide highlights books, articles, and media published or produced by FSCJ authors: FSCJ Authors

How to locate archival video of the College’s theatrical/dance/chorale/band performances in Canvas
To locate archival video content in Canvas, click on the link to Canvas from either the Faculty or Staff tab of On the left hand menu bar, click on the Commons icon. Once Commons opens, the easiest way to find all of the available videos is to click the Filter option at the top right, then choose to filter results by type (video) and who it’s shared with (Florida State College at Jacksonville). If you wish to narrow the search further, you can search by general terms like Theater or Dance to locate a group of videos or by the specific name or production year of a performance. Once you locate the video you’re interested in, click on the individual video name to view the video, import it into Canvas, or download it. A version of these instructions which include screenshots is available here

Reporting errors
If you find any errors or omissions in the Digital Archives, please contact Madeline Sims at